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Why did the clown cross the road? To get to his rubber chicken!

-OMG Josh

Oh My Gosh Josh presents: The Amazing Adventures of SUPER CHICKEN!
Themes: Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Honesty

Join Oh My Gosh Josh as his chicken supper turns SUPER! See the wondrous feats of this fantastic fowl who foils the plots of evildoers! Marvel at his transformation from everyman Carl the Chicken into.... SUPER CHICKEN! Audience members will take part in this hero's story as he recounts his escape from danger at the hands of the rotten Count Schmoopy! Patrons are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite super hero as we unmask a truly amazing adventure! This comical, magic and circus stunt filled tale will have books flying off the shelf like a chicken with a cape!

OMG Josh has been writing and producing literacy and education based shows for himself and others to perform for over 10 years. His biggest hits have included - 'The Pirates of Reading Island' and 'The Character Circus'. In 2011 he performed his science based reading show, 'Dr. Gigglewatt and The Science of Bubbles' at the  Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC!

Cover of the Super Chicken Comic
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He is represented by Circus Kaput:

Image of Super Chicken Comic Strip

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