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I remember once being very upset after failing a grammar test. My teacher patted me on the back and said, "There, Their, They're...".

-OMG Josh

Below Oh My Gosh Josh's school offerings are split into 3 categories:
 Educational Assemblies, Just for Fun and Workshops/Residencies.  



The Show: THE SCIENCE OF CIRCUS - Students observe gravity’s constant acceleration through bowling ball juggling, gyroscopic stability through plate spinning, centripetal force with cowboy lariats, center of balance atop a rolla bolla board, inertia with a classic tablecloth pull, rotation around center of mass is demonstrated with juggling clubs, balancing tips are generated using the scientific method, archaeology is tapped to discover the origins of juggling 4,000 years, add even more tricks, volunteers, the irresistible force of levity and Oh My Gosh Josh and you’ll see why The Science Of Circus is a hit with teachers and kids!

What People Are Saying! -

"Thursdays program was great! I have other facilitators asking me about the program. Thanks again! I look forward to working with you in the future."

                           - Cathy Finley - School/Community Sr. Facilitator Rockwood School District - Partners in Education

For more info or to book this show, contact my manager Ginger (314)-803-5180


Just For Fun Shows

The Oh My Gosh Josh Show - OMG Josh can perform for all ages. He has a huge repertoire of tricks and jokes that are always appropriate. He is a true One Man Circus. His shows are filled with comedy, magic, juggling and feature amazing circus skills and audience participation.
Workshops and Residencies

Many assembly clients have also booked OMG Josh for his magic, theater and circus workshops, artist in residency programs. Your students learn perseverance, teamwork and presentation skills.

These workshops are also great for teacher in-service days!
Assembly specific study guides are available upon request, for pre and post show classroom discussion. 
See more assemblies and other great educational offerings at www.KaputKorner.com!
Character Education
School Assemblies

The Character Circus
A lively fable is told using circus stunts and audience participation to reinforce the standard concepts of good character - Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship

Say No To Drugs! Say Yes To Dreams! RED RIBBON WEEK!
Through true life stories, amazing magic and stunning stunts the audience will see that drugs, tobacco and alcohol lead away from a life of success and happiness.

Vanish The Bully
In this show, hilarious magic will capture the attention of the audience, but the greatest trick that they will see and learn, is the one to vanish the bully in their school.

School Assemblies

Adventures of Dr. Gigglewatt

Join Dr. Gigglewatt for a stupefying and semi-accurate telling of his scientifically invented adventures. You can expect: madcap experiments of balance with a skunk, a tissue that comes alive like Frankenstein and the whole audience learns that what goes up doesn't always come down. Oh My Gosh Josh's unique storytelling, magic, juggling and circus stunts will have your audiences laughing, learning and ready to read!

Also ask about 'The Reading Circus', 'The Pirates of Reading Island' and the 'Create Your Own Adventure' shows!
These shows have been performed nationwide, are hilarious and fun. Plus they are guaranteed to get kids reading!!

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