Oh My Gosh Josh - Balloon Animals

"I only make 1 type of balloon dog....
.....An AIRdale!"

-OMG Josh

To learn to make balloon animals click the link below to go to OMG Josh's Balloon Site.


Oh My Gosh Josh wasn't born knowing how to do all of his silly and amazing stunts.  Most of it was learned by asking lots of questions and reading lots of books!

Click a link above to find out How to - Tell A Joke, Do A Magic Trick, Learn To Juggle or Make A Balloon Animal.

To do your own research, he has some good books to suggest under the link Great Books. 

Also, if you have a question, you can message OMGJosh and ask him anything!

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Death By Tickle

OMG Josh performs magic, juggling, circus stunts, stilt walking, acrobatics and more!!


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